The Paranormal Puck 2b


A Truly amazing piece of ITC equipment which blew our minds so much we had to begin stocking it!

The Paranormal Puck 2 has been featured on the popular TV show Ghost Adventures and is designed to connect to a single control device. In the Paranormal Puck 2 there are SIX additional standalone options! So many more than the original Paranormal Puck. 

You do not need a PC the Paranormal Puck 2 it’s updated design means it will work with smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). Along with wireless connection function for allowing remote IT sessions, this really is an advanced piece of equipment. 

Standalone Modes

There are 6 different autonomous modes available.

  1. Temperature / Humidity Mode
  2. Ion Mode
  3. Light Mode
  4. PSI Mode
  5. Motion / Magnetism Mode
  6. All Mode

Great for monitoring a multitude of factors and really is a leap forward in paranormal investigation equipment.

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